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Year 5&6

Welcome to Year 5&6.  Our class teacher is Mrs Machin and our Senior Teaching Assistant is Mrs Bainbridge.  Our topic this half term is "Raging Rivers".  English work is based around the book "Tuesday" by David Wiesner and our whole class reading book is “The day the screens went blank” by Danny Wallace. Maths will be covering place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (including negative numbers, inverse operations, multi-step problems, factors, multiples, prime numbers, square/cube numbers) in addition to the appropriate year group KIRFS.

Year 5 maths - Angles week beginning 19th June 2023


This week in year 5 we have been learning more about angles and how to measure them.  We went into the hall and made human acute, obtuse and reflex angles, talked about their degrees and then in class we practised measuring angles using protractors.  We were allowed to write on our tables and test each other by drawing angles and guessing their degrees, then measured them.  Also we enjoyed looking at and measuring angles on the masking tape table.  Some excellent work and lots of new maths language learned, along with how to use a protractor correctly.  

Nelson Thom experience day for Year 5


Year 5 enjoyed an experience day at Nelson Thom, the highlight was the science lesson where they experimented with different fruits to test how much they conducted electricity.  Also other highlights were the lunchtime samba band and the lunch itself (pizza was popular!).



Last half term in art we made endangered animals using materials found in school.  We made Sea Turtles out of egg boxes, we sketched a tiger face, we made pom pom bees using wool and forks and lastly we used polystyrene and paint to create lino pictures of the most critically endangered animals in the world according to the WWF.  What an amazing display which we are all very proud of.

Elf day fun

Impressonism - Water Lillies

We have been learning about Claude Monet and his famous Water Lillies painting.  We followed instructions to make these wonderful 3D water lillies, using paper plates, tissue paper and coloured paper.  Our classroom is certainly looking bright and colourful.  An amazing job from everyone.

Pontillism painting

We have been learning about Georges Seurat in art who was famous for painting in the pointilism style.  

We sketched our own river pictures then painted them using cotton buds and creating lots and lots of dots.  We also talked about the colour wheel and how to create different shades of colours.  From afar the dots blend together to make some wonderful and unique paintings.  The display looks very effective (even the spiders in the sink admire it!).

Friday 23rd September 2022

Year 5&6 took part in a workshop called “mates in mind” delivered by Carlisle Eden mind. It helped us understand our own mental health and how to look after it. It also gave us ideas about how we can help our friends if their mental health is suffering. We all feel we have learnt a lot.