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PTA: Friends of Burgh

The Friends of Burgh by Sands School

Who are we?

Friends of Burgh School consists of parents, carers, staff and members of the local community who work together on fundraising activities. The money raised supports the school to enhance learning and provide activities for all the children.

Chair: Vacant

Vice Chair: Vacant

Treasurer: Sophie Graham

Secretary: Charlotte Brownrigg

What we do

We meet once a term normally to discuss and plan our next fundraising event. It is a great way to meet other parents/carers and contribute to supporting our fabulous school. Our next meeting is on Wednesday 15th January 2020 6.30pm at school.

New projects this Academic year

The Friends have worked extremely hard this year and have managed to raise a fantastic £2000 which is being used to develop the outdoor area in school. The fundraising this year will also be towards this project as we have lots of exciting plans!

Minutes of Meetings

What we funded in 2018-2019 Academic Year

£2000 towards regeneration of the school outdoor area

Personalised hoodies for the Year 6 Leavers

Musical instruments for use throughout the school

Selection boxes at Christmas for all children

What we funded in the 2019-2020 Academic Year

As everyone is aware from March 2020 school was forced to closed by Central Government. As a result fundraising activities were placed on hold but the fantastic Committee have still managed to donate money to school to help towards the regeneration of the school playground. We are also very proud to say that the Year 6 leavers hoodies were still provided for the children in July 2020.



Grand Summer Raffle 2021 - Winners

Friends of Burgh Monthly Draw

November 2015 saw the launch of our monthly draw, a great way to support the school whilst giving you the chance of winning some money for only £1.00 per month. 

The winning numbers so far are:

September 2018: No 34 and No 31

October 2018: No 19 and No 20

November 2018: No 33 and No 14

December 2018: No 5 and No 8   No 39 and No 12

January 2019: No 39 and No 34

February 2019: No 4 and No 3

March 2019: No 18 and No 23

April 2019: No 26 and No 9

May 2019: No 18 and No 6

June 2019: No 36 and No 11

July 2019: No 37 and No 6

September 2019: No 37 and No 15

October 2019: No 1 and No 25

November 2019: No 28 and No 16

December 2019: No 26 and No 41

January 2020: No 30 and No 23

February 2020: No 99 and No 24

March 2020: No 11 and No 2

April 2020: No 1 and No 18

May 2020: No 7 and No 15

June 2020: No 33 and No 28

July 2020: No 40 and No 19

September 2020: No 38 and No 32

October 2020: No 17 and No 12

November 2020: No 16 and No 26

December 2020: No 45 and No 20

January 2021: No 44 and No 43

February 2021: No 37 and No 40

March 2021: No 11 and No 19

April 2021: No 5 and No 21

May 2021: No 3 and No 2

June 2021: No 28 and No 25

July 2021: No 36 and No 22

September 2021: No 31 and No 14

If you would like to become a member please contact school or any member of the PTA as there are still numbers available for this year!