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Year 1&2

Welcome to our year 1 and 2 class page

We are excited to share our news, photographs and stories with you on this page. Our class teachers are Mrs Hewson and Miss Huck, and we have two lovely teaching assistants in our class, Miss Gibson and Mrs Danby. 

We have been looking at aboriginal art and made rainsticks using their style!

We loved cutting by newspapers today to find headlines,titles and pictures with captions.

In practical maths today we have been in using skittles to make bar charts and the year 1 children have been experimenting with halves and quarters using our 2 dimensional shapes.

We have been investigating melting materials today by making chocolate crispy cakes.

Making bags. Today we have had lots of fun designing and making bags to hold our toys. Our topic is toy story so we made a new bag for the toys,we tried to make them strong and waterproof.

Today we really enjoyed taking part in Let's Count. We measured the playground with lots of different objects and counted the totals.