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Equality Statement

Equality Statement

Please see our Accessibility Plan for more information

Our school is committed to equality. Therefore:

  • we do our best to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and with respect;

  • we make sure the school is a safe, secure and stimulating place for everyone;

  • we recognise that people have different needs, and we understand that treating people equally does not always involve treating them all exactly the same;

  • we recognise that for some pupils extra support is needed to help them to achieve and be successful;

  • we do our best to make sure that people from different groups are consulted and involved in our decisions, for example through talking with pupils and parents and carers, and through our School Council.

  • there are clear procedures for dealing with prejudice-related bullying and incidents.

To embed our vision of 'living and learning together to care for each other and our world', our school is a place where:

  • learning is fun;

  • children are prepared for their future;

  • all efforts are acknowledged and celebrated;

  • everyone is valued and respected as an individual;

  • we will educate our children about equality and diversity and where we pledge to meet the needs of all our individuals;

  • everyone is encouraged to be part of and contribute to the community;

  • encourage everyone to make healthy life choices.