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Religious Education (RE)

As with PSHE RE underpins our curriculum. We follow the Cumbria Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education which ensures that skills are taught progressively. As children in Burgh by Sands have limited exposure to a range of different Religions we intend for them to explore these through the teaching of RE and arranging visits to external places such as places of worship for a range of Religions. We also have good links with our local Church and Vicar and use these to celebrate the main Christian festivals of Harvest, Christmas and Easter. As we structure our curriculum on a rolling 2 year programme as we teach mixed age classes the syllabus is taught one year at a time e.g. year 3/4 class will be taught year 3 objectives one year and it will then be changed to year 4 objective the following year which ensures full coverage of the curriculum.