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Year 3/4


The children in Year 3 and 4 have recently been studying the Stone to Iron Age in history. Due to the children’s excitement and interest in the topic we would like to hold a ‘Stone Age dress up day’ where the children come in costumes designed and made at home. On this day, there will be lots of activities, arts and crafts to do with the topic and we will have some snacks to test the type of food that Stone Age people ate. This will take place on Friday the 8th of July.

We really don’t want you to spend any money on this special day so we have listed some ideas below to help you. 

Would you like to be creative? Humans in these eras dressed themselves up in what the land could provide so useful materials such as faux fur would be authentic for a Stone Age human. 

Things you could use: Faux fur, Faux/toy bone, Old brown t-shirt and trousers, Faux animal print fabric, Bone necklace, Hairspray, Comb, Wigs: The messier the better! Brown face-paint to show the dirtiness of the Stone Age era!

Costume Ideas: Find a brown or natural coloured t-shirt, roughly cut up the edges of the sleeves and bottom of the T-shirt. We would suggest legging style trousers to go with the T-shirt. Use any of the following: faux fur, faux animal print fabric, toy bone or bone necklace. To finish the look off, either wear a wig or back comb the hair to look messy and Stone Age humans didn’t have the luxury of having a bathroom so they often looked very dirty, your child could wear some brown face paint to look like dirt.  Be as creative as you would like! 



Year 4, 5 and 6 Practise for music concert at Caldew School



Science Revision- Can you remember what the different parts of a Volcano are?


We are currently reading 'How to Train your Dragon' by Cressida Cowell which the children have really enjoyed! Mr Hill (3rd Year University Student) has been teaching the children about persuasion and the writing produced has been fabulous!


We have now booked a trip for Year 3/4 on the 1st of July to Tullie House Museum  where the children will take part in a workshop and to look around the major exhibition from seven stories based on the best selling book. Please see the letter for more details.


A Viking's Guide to Deadly Dragons will transport you back in time to the dark ages, a world where Vikings ruled and dragons roamed.


How exciting!


Stone Age Art using twigs!


Victorian Houses

Meet our Paddington Bears, all ready to make our animations in Computing

January News


Happy New Year! Hope everyone has had a lovely holiday.




October News



On the 15th of October an alien landed in the Burgh-by Sands school playground.


Miss Walsh reported that the alien snuck into the classroom and she even had a conversation with it. After some questioning, she found out its name was Beegu!


Daniel saw the alien spaceship outside and he said "This is awesome!"


This inspired some excellent writing later on that morning.


If you see any strange footprints, please report them to Miss Walsh.



Pictured above: the spaceship and what is thought to be fragments of the mother ship.