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Year 1&2

Welcome to the Year 1/2 class. Our teachers are Mrs Hewson and Mrs Robinson. We have three teaching assistants - Miss Hetherington, Mrs Robson and Mrs Bainbridge.


Our topic this half term is 

‘London’s Burning!!’

We looked at the artist Wassily Kandinsky and created our own concentric circle pictures by mixing primary colours. We changed the tone of the colours by adding white or black.

Our topic this half term is

Indian Spice! 

Comparing India and the UK

Hot seating in English

We planned, made and evaluated Dhol drums!

We looked at Indian art today. We drew our own Mendhi and Rangoli patterns!

Our topic this half term is all about


We love chocolate

We went to the church today as we have been learning about Christian churches in RE.

Our last forest school at the village green!

Our germ experiment 🦠 🧪

Comparing capacity and volume in Maths

Florence Nightingale hot seating

We are having so much fun at Forest School

In Science we are learning about scientists and inventors. This week we looked at Jane Colden and her botany work.

Nurse Siân came in to visit us and tell us all about her job and what she does🚑🏥

Our topic this half term is ‘Ahoy There’.

We designed our own pirate flags and painted them. We are loving the pirate topic ❤️

Microhabitat hunting

Map symbols

Blackbeard Drawing

Pirate story maps

Pirate spoon puppets and eye patches!

Our topic this half term is Celebrations and Festivals!


Making a nativity silhouette scene in art by changing the tone with paint

Following our instructions to make a Christingle

Following instructions to make super hero cuffs!

We had a great computing lesson using clicker 7 today😀

We did some hot seating in our whole class reading session today

In PE, we worked in a group to create a short dance routine showing different types of weather, then performed to the rest of the class!

We enjoyed labelling different parts of the human body with our own real life skeletons!

Giving and following instructions in English

Talk for writing hook!

Our topic this half term is ‘Toy story’!

French skipping in PE!

Silhouette pictures

Shadow drawings

We have been looking at where cowboys come from and where we live

Dinosaurs-Herbivores, carnivores, omnivores!!

We are loving our new storytelling area