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Nursery & Reception

We would like to welcome you to our Nursery and Reception class page. In 'Early Years'we seek to provide the foundations of learning in preparation for Key stages 1 & 2. Our curriculum is enhanced with topics of enquiry to support a progression of skills and opportunities to experience learning at a deeper level. Our children's needs and interests are fundamental to what we learn, therefore our curriculum is flexible and accessible to all. We would like to share some of our learning with you.

Mrs Tofield (class teacher)

Miss Cook (senior teaching assistant)


Autumn term 1:

Why do you love me so much?

Do you want to be friends?

Our progression of skills is demonstrated through our meduim-term planning

We enjoyed harvesting apples, making crumble and role playing in a fruit and vegetable shop. Lots of fun learning experiences about healthy eating.

We made AB patterns in maths with fruit kebabs.

We had a visit from a parent dentist who helped us learn how to look after our teeth. We then practised this together.

We had a fabulous week celebrating Halloween.

Autumn Term 2 Topic Enqury Questions:

Why do leaves go crispy?

Why do Squirrels hide their nuts?

We would like share our learning from Autumn Term 2 through the seven areas of learning. Personal and Social overlaps all other areas. We don’t have photos for all activities as this would impact on our time spent with the children. However, we hope you enjoy a glimpse of what we have covered. 

Communication and Language and Literacy

Understanding the world

Our topic enquiry questions for the Spring term 1 are:

Why can't I have chocolate for breakfast? and Are carrots orange?

Spring term 2 are:

Can I have a dog? and Why do zebra's have stripes?

Our Spring term moments from nursery and reception

Some of our Reception’s spring term learning.

Nursery learning through play and planned activities to support all areas of learning.

World book day! We all dressed up as word. We used these words to create funny sentences!

Our visit to Stocks Wood was amazing! we looked at animal habitats and enjoyed forest school activities.

Summer term 1 enqury questions:

Is it shiny?

What is that sound?

Summer term 2 enquiry questions:

How many colours in a rainbow?

Why do ladybirds have spots?

Summer term was very busy! Here are some of the things we got up to…

The Queen’s Jubilee

Sports and Health Week

Nursery graduation 2022