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Welcome to our Early Years Class

This is where children, from the age of three, develop the foundations of learning. At the start of their journey through school, they will learn to explore, discover and wonder, within an environment that inspires and nurtures them, and helps them to become independent learners. They will develop skills that are known as 'The Characteristics of Learning' using a flexible currriculum to meet all of their needs and interests. Children progress in their own time and in their own way, and our online journal 'Tapestry', captures some of the learning achievements that can be celebrated by staff, parents and carers. 


Class teacher and EYFS lead - Mrs Tofield

Senior Teaching Assistant - Mrs Robson





Autumn term 1 planning

Why do you love me so much?

Will you tell me a story about mermaids and dragons?


What a wonderful start to the Autumn term. 🍁🍂 The children in Early Years have settled so well and have enjoyed so much learning. The class have found out about each other and each other’s families. They have enjoyed and listened to many stories, where certain books have become favourites that they can act out or retell themselves. The children have been problem solving in maths not only matching, sorting and creating repeating patterns but also by finding out why something doesn’t work or fit. The continuous provision has provided a development of skills, especially in the craft area, where independently the children have used their own creative thinking skills. Please enjoy the photos! 

Autumn 2 Planning

Why do leaves go crispy?

Why do squirrels hide their nuts?

What a busy end to the autumn term. This term was full of learning about the seasons and the impact this has on us and the animal world. There have been different events in the world that we celebrated or remembered for many reasons.  We have enjoyed applying our newly learnt maths and literacy skills in our play and explorations. Christmas was so much fun and we also had a wonderful treat visiting Holme Head House. 

Spring 1 planning

Why can't I have chocolate for breakfast?

Can we explore it?

This half term, we have been scientists and investigating the changes to both water and chocolate when heated and cooled. We have used the chocolate in our experiment to make top hats. We have explored seasons and special events through differing cultures and beliefs. We explored Chinese artefacts and enjoyed learning about Chinese new year celebrations. We explored darkness with reference to nocturnal animals and outer space. We became creative with Valentine’s Day cards and learned about Shrove Tuesday in RE. 


Spring 2 Planning

Are eggs alive?

Why don't snakes have legs?


During this past half term, we have explored the season of spring. Four weeks of forest school has enabled us to extend our knowledge of the season through games, crafts, songs; and investigation of both our school environment, and that of our local green in the village. We have been able to answer our enquiry questions by looking closely at the animal world through books and resources in the provision. We have grown cress and discussed why some of the cress didn't grow. The children really enjoyed learning about life cycles of various animals and are looking forward to our caterpillars arriving next term. World Book Day was lots of fun, with juice and biscuits whilst having a bedtime story. We all wore our pyjamas too!. Easter was enjoyed through discussions in RE and through baking and egg hunts. On the last day, we had some delicious 'Hot Cross Buns'.  In Literacy we have been using the story of Elmer to support our writing and the Nursery have been foccusing on The Hungry Caterpillar.